Slant wells are simply normal groundwater wells drilled at an angle. Slant wells for the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project (MPWSP) will be constructed within Cal Am’s easement at the CEMEX site, between the Pacific Ocean and Highway 1. The wells will be angled so as to capture ocean water from on-going seawater intrusion into groundwater aquifers. A tiny percentage of highly brackish groundwater will also be captured, but sophisticated models and the existing test slant well demonstrate that slant wells will not impact groundwater supplies or quality. Furthermore, any brackish water that is captured by the well will be returned as potable water to the basin for use by others.

Slant wells will enable MPWSP's desalination facility to process seawater without the environmental impacts associated with open ocean intakes. Subsurface, angled intakes eliminate harm to ocean life, while the inland location avoids coastal erosion and disruption of the fragile sand dune ecosystem. This intake system disturbs the environment as little as possible and is far more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. 

Slant wells are proven to work. Cal Am has operated a test slant well at the CEMEX property in Marina since April 2015, and after two years of pumping, the slant well has proven to be a feasible and reliable method of seawater intake that meets project and regulatory policy objectives.